LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Sports

Support from an Inclusive Club – Dublin Front Runners

Dermot McCarthy
CFO - Under the Rainbow

In this video Dermot McCarthy, a psychotherapist and CFO of Under The Rainbow documents his personal growth through the help of sport.

As Dermot made the difficult transition from unemployment to the workforce, he found immense benefit by being part of his running club, Dublin Front Runners.

The inclusive club has helped Dermot to overcome his minority stress of being LGBTQI+. Since receiving support from Dublin Front Runners he now feels honoured to give back to his club by providing his professional training as a psychotherapist to those who are dealing with the same stress he once faced.

Dermot urges for more members of the LGBTQI+ to participate in sport to enhance the community’s mental wellbeing. To finish up, Dermot looks forward to seeing you out running some day.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Find out more about our LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Sports Campaign here.

Dermot McCarthy

Dermot is a psychotherapist and an accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has over 20 years’ experience as an accountant and nearly 10 years’ experience both professionally and personally in relation to therapy. In 2018, he set up his own therapy practice Inner Voice, which is now part of Under The Rainbow. Dermot is a practicing therapist and currently CFO of Under The Rainbow. In his role as therapist, Dermot primarily deals in a variety of areas including mental health, sexuality and Men’s Health.In his spare time, he is a keen runner, and to date he has completed Four Dublin City Marathons. He is a member of Dublin Frontrunners AC. He is an active member of Sporting Pride, being the treasurer for this committee. Sporting Pride’s goal is to involve more LGBTQ+ participation in Sport, thus improving the Mental Health Fitness of the Irish LGBTQI+ Community.

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