LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Sports

Inclusive Clubs are Successful Clubs

Emma Loo
DCU Communications Studies Graduate

Emma’s MSc. dissertation focuses on the importance of implementing LGBTQI+ policies in clubs and sporting organisations. In this video she explains that the most successful sporting teams must be connected in every aspect, and team dynamics can be unsettling if team members have to hide who they truly are. Emma says that though the country has progressed significantly since the 2015 marriage referendum, and many parts of Irish society have adapted to become more inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community, the sporting community still lags behind. She speaks about how the sporting world can be a place filled with negative voices and discrimination where it’s allowed. Outlining some stark statistics, Emma explains what can be done to make improvements and create more inclusive sporting clubs.

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Find out more about our LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Sports Campaign here.

Emma Loo

Emma Loo is a DCU Communication Studies graduate, now completing an MSc in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. Emma’s studies consist of engaging with new communication methods and technologies. She is currently conducting dissertation research on LGBTQ+ inclusion in Irish sporting organisations. She has been heavily involved in committee roles with the DCU LGBTA Society for the advocacy of LGBTQI+ equality across the university campuses.

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