LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Sports

How Sport can Support Transgender People

Gordon Grehan
Operations Manager - Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

In this video, Gordon Grehan provides helpful definitions, language and explanations relating to transgender and non-binary people. Gordon gives suggestions on how people can be supportive transgender allies and in particular, how sports organisations can become more inclusive. He speaks about the importance of implementing proactive policies within sports organisations and providing education to coaches, managers and others involved so they are equipped to be as supportive of transgender people as they can. Gordon also provides some practical ‘don’ts’ that sports organisations should be mindful of.

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Find out more about our LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Sports Campaign here.

Gordon Grehan

Gordon is TENI’s Operations Manager. He runs the TENI office, manages TENI’s social media and coordinates TENI events. He is responsible for the design and delivery of TENI’s ‘Trans 101’ training programme. Gordon works with employers, higher education institutions and support organisations to ensure that their policies and procedures are trans friendly, and advises on diversity and inclusion strategies in regard to trans people.

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