We support organisations in enhancing D&I knowledge and understanding through the delivery of a range of different workshops. We place a strong focus on interactive learning and discussion, ensuring that learnings are applicable and relevant to each organisation and attending participants.

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Our backgrounds and experiences shape the decisions we make every day. While we may not be aware of it, our unconscious biases influence the choices we make which can have negative repercussions in terms of our behaviours towards others and can affect business outcomes. Gaining a better awareness and understanding of our unconscious biases is the first step to better, more inclusive decision making.

Using a combination of latest research, relevant case studies and discussion, we deliver bespoke workshops designed to help people recognise their own unconscious bias, understand how it may impact decision making and take action to change their approach.

An Introduction to Building Race Equality in the Workplace

Developed by the DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion, ‘An Introduction to Building Race Equality in the Workplace ’ is an interactive workshop designed to increase confidence in promoting race equality in organisations in Ireland.

The workshop content has been informed by latest research highlighting insights and challenges in Ireland relating to racial discrimination. Additionally, it takes the learning and information from the DCU Race Equality Forum which was established to gain insights into real life experiences and issues relating to racial discrimination in the workplace in Ireland.

Participants of the Forum include people of diverse colour, ethnic backgrounds and accents currently living and working in Ireland. The first-hand knowledge gathered provided the Centre with a deeper understanding of the root cause of many of the issues and barriers in workplaces in Ireland.

Building Workplaces Where People Want to Work

Developed by the DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion, ‘Building Workplaces where People Want to Work,’ is an insightful, thought-provoking workshop designed to help leaders understand the value and business case for fostering more inclusive and diverse workplaces.

The workshop provides context for leaders and explores the challenges, realities, and opportunities of mobilising the workforce in a changing and
diverse world.

This workshop presents practical tools and best practices using the latest research on inclusive culture and leadership in the workplace. It seeks to improve leaders’ motivation and ability to work with, and empower, diverse teams.

The session concludes with a reflection and focus on a personalised and practical action plan to mobilise an inclusive culture.

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