Race Equality Hub

Welcome to the Race Equality Hub. Its aim is to provide employers in Ireland with a range of practical tools and best practice guidelines to tackle racism and foster more inclusive practices in the workplace.

It has been developed by the DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion, in collaboration with the African Scholars Association of Ireland (AfSI). The work is supported by Ibec and Business in the Community Ireland (BITC) and the Irish Centre for Diversity and sponsored by Bank of Ireland.

We hope you find the hub helpful. We welcome your thoughts, comments, recommendations or insights around any of the resources we have included or anything else you feel should be considered. Please email coe.diversityinclusion@dcu.ie with feedback or for more information.

Race Equality Guide for Hiring

The Race Equality Guide for Hiring was launched on March 18th 2021. To inform the design of the guide, we have been facilitating a consultation phase with people from different ethnic backgrounds, diverse races and nationalities, currently living and working in Ireland. If you would like to rewatch our launch event click here.

Race Equality Whitepaper

Over the last 30 years Ireland has become a melting pot of cultures from around the world, developing rapidly from a mono-cultural society.  This whitepaper provides a topline overview of the context around inward migration into Ireland. It explains the outcome of the 2004 referendum and what that means for Irish born non nationals in Ireland. It charts the anti racism initiatives established by the Irish government over the past 25 years and examines relevant equality legislation and current gaps. Finally, it looks at how higher education is working towards a more inclusive future, using DCU’s own experience as a case study.

Race Advisory Council

This Council consists of a group of people with an understanding and awareness of how racial discrimination plays out in different aspects of life in Ireland, and primarily in the workplace. We are looking for individuals from underrepresented groups and of different backgrounds to advise on best practices and solutions for race equality in the workplace.

If you are interested in getting involved or know someone who might be a good candidate for the Advisory Council please fill out this form and we will be in contact with our draft Terms of Reference and more information.

Recommended Resources

We want to thank Google and all of the other contributors who have helped to compile this list of resources.  The content will help to grow awareness and increase knowledge about racism and people’s experiences of racism. Understanding the many dimensions is key to becoming more anti racist in how we think, act and behave towards others.