Race Equality Guide for Hiring

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The Race Equality Guide for Hiring is the first in a series of resources we are developing to support workplaces in Ireland become more equitable. Over the past thirty years, Irish society has become much more diverse, and while 15% of the workforce in Ireland is made up of non-nationals, there are still many issues around race equality in the labour market. There is a need for employers to examine the approach they are taking to enhancing race equality and to take action now in terms of removing the systemic bias that may exist in processes, practices and attitudes in the workplace.

The guide has been crafted and informed by lived experiences of people in the workplace in Ireland. Our approach has been informed by best practice and supported by insights from the participants of our Race Equality Forum with guidance from specialist organisations, academic experts and employers. Our hope is that employers find it easy to follow and can begin to implement changes today. The content is intended to be practical and actionable and practitioners can download all in one go below or read and digest it online.

Read the Guide

Please click here to download a full PDF version of this Guide. Below you will find an online version of the Guide shared in different sections which provide context, tips and tools to help employers gain a deeper understanding of the important factors that contribute to equitable hiring practices. 

Starting the Conversation

Race Terminology

Talking about race and race equality is complex and as a result, may often be avoided in the workplace. In this section we explain important terminology and share tips to help organisations engage in meaningful and respectful conversations with colleagues about race and racial equality, while ensuring that written content and communications are also carefully considered.

Eight Barriers – Case Study

Participants from underrepresented groups, with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds currently living and working in Ireland shared personal experiences and insights about the workplace in Ireland. Eight key barriers to racial equality were revealed in these sessions. Read our case study to find out more.

Race Equality Guide to Hiring

Key Considerations

This section outlines key elements of the hiring process that employers should carefully consider. It will help people to determine whether there are interventions that should be made in relation to the hiring and selection process, providing tips and guidance on how to make improvements.

Overview and Context

Race Equality in the Workplace in Ireland

The Irish landscape has shifted rapidly over the past few decades with a more diverse population and society. While this has led to a more diverse labour market, research highlights there are a number of barriers to equity in the workplace.

Race Equality Guide to Hiring in the Workplace

To view a complete Guide, you can download a full copy of the information.